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Failing GTA 4


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I will be writing this like its Niko's diary. First post will be after the mission, The Cousins Bellic, then a few will be set midway through the game, then most will be set after A Revengers Tragedy.


I got myinspiration off of this guy >>> http://failingfalloutnewvegas.wordpress.com/


Constructive Critiscism please, don't want any haters, I'm new.


Niko's Diary: Day 1


Сам стигао сам. Коначно. Whoops, I should probably speak English now. I've arrived in Liberty City, but it's not at all what I thought it would be. My cousin, he promised me fast cars, hot women, luxury penthouses, but those promises fell on deaf ears. I'm living in a dirty, cramped, bug-ridden flat in a place called Hove Beach. I don't like this place one bit, it's full of Russians! But on the brightside, I've got a job as a cab driver for Roman, and I'll try and get a job at a fast food restaurant. I saw a good one, Clucking Bell. Then, when I have some money, I will move over the river, because I see skyscrapers. That is the life. I will have to cut short this diary entry, becase my cousin wants to see me at his cab depot. I'm going to start a new life in this city, one without any crime. To Liberty City!



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Niko's Diary: Day 2


First Day working for Roman went off without a hitch.First off, he gave me a phone! A Badger, to be exact. I had to pick up Romans girlfriend, Mallorie. By the sound of her, I'd say she was Puerto Rican, Romans must be doing something right if he has a lovely lady like Mallorie on his arm. There was also this other girl there, Michelle. She was gorgeous, and she said she wanted to see me again. What can I say, I've alwaysbeen a hit with the ladies. I've arranged a date with this girl, and I drove past the perfect place to take her earlier on. The funfair! Anyways, Mallorie told me to get some new clothes. A little bit more 'American.' To последние новинки моды! I buy a golf jacket in that shop. The woman behind the cash register tell me to say hi to my wife for her. It's weird, I don't even have a wife.

The radio in Liberty City is fantastic, especially WKTT! Just or Unjust is the best thing about America, I could listen to him all day. Anyway, I must go, I've got a hot date! I'll just have to see what Roman want first, he's just texted me....

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This looks and "sounds" cool! I probably would have decided to get a job as a cop, so pay would be based on commission, and there's always criminal's out there tounge.gif but I would have to go through a bit of training before hand.


Nice job wink.gif

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Niko's Diary: Day 3


Well, my date, did not go as planned. That text from Roman I was telling you about, it was bad. He was at some basketball court getting beat up by two Albanian goons. Neither of them were looking at me so I thought I would be able to hop the fence, punch one of them in the head, knock him out, before the other knew what was going on. I jumped over the fence, ran over to one of the thugs, gave him a very hard punch onto the back of his head, and started looking very pleased with myself. Unfortunatly for me, this man must have a head like a rock, and he turned round and punched me. Roman was still on the floor, and both the Albanians turned there attention to me. Time to run! I ran as fast as I could over the fence, got into my car, put my foot on the accelerator and ran those idiots over. I'm sure they're alright though, nothing a few bandages won't fix. Roman then ordered me to chase another Albanian, by the name of Dardan Petrela. I had to chase him through the streets of Broker, at very high speeds, what if the cops saw me speeding? I was going to jail, I knew it. Dardan rather stupidly crashed his car, and rather than running down the street, he ran UP some stairs. When I caught up with him, he had a knife. Now, I'm not one for fighting, but I'll do anything for my family, and I had years of combat training with the army, so I thought I could take this kid. I was punching and kicking with all my might, until he stumbled and fell out of a window, into the river below. I had commited my first murder in this city. And oddly, it felt kind of good.


You're probably wondering what happened with my date with Michelle, well, I got that job at Cluckin Bell, and with a nice 300 dollars in my pocket, I called her and arranged the date again. I picked her up in Roman's Cab, but she insisted we take her Merit on the date. I said we should go to the fun-fair, but when we drove their, I realised it was closed. So we went bowling instead. Inevitably, I won. And we had a chat on the way home, well, I say chat, she did most of the talking. She really wants to get to know me. Being the man that I am I asked to come in for 'coffee', but she refused. Nevertheless, I'll definetly by seeing her again, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Roman wants me to go pick up this guy, Jamaican, Rasta type. I'm almost certain something bads going to happen, but I'm not scared, for I have killed an Albanian!

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