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[Mission Pack] S.A. Noire

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I know it's been a long time but this missions pack isn't die yet. I already uploaded 3 new missions until the penultimate mission for the Chapter 4.


One Night Standing


Only One Truth


The Huge Game...


I also bring a new feature in one of the missions. Any suggestion and critics are welcomed here


Note : There is another mission which I haven't finish yet which is the last mission of Chapter 4. I'm going to finish it as soon as possible


Enjoy :colgate: Expecting feedback from you guys, cheers.

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Finaly it comes again (i ve' play the three chapters in summer), first of i would like to congrate you for continue this massive MP, i realy like it i've played all missions including the three new missions Expect a feedback from me later :^:

Edited by DzxProx

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Finally I have time to release the last mission of chapter 4


...The Huge Game


I plan to make a mission about the conclusion of the case so the case won't leave too much plothole. Expect it soon

And here's the full chapter 4 :


S.A. Noire Chapter 4


Cheers :colgate: expecting feedbacks from you guys

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It looks great my friend! I will play it.

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I love it <3

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Look at them topic! It's attractive... Bumping or not, at least I can say the topic's not dead though.


Anyway, to be honest, I've already gave this mission pack a shot... Err... I've just finished Chapter 1 recently and it was excellent. I would be playing the next chapters soon and I will give my overall feedback right after.

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Walter Clements

will there be a chapter 5?!

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