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My GTA race challenge

Los Santos Pedestrian

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Los Santos Pedestrian

I thought of this race challenge a few days ago. It starts at the beginning of the East Beach Highway next to the Los Santos Stadium, and goes through the highways and avenues of San Andreas, then ends where you started. Here's the rules of the challenge:


1. You must use a Sabre or Clover with no modifications.

2. The race can only start at 5:30 A.M. game time.

3. The end time to beat is 16:30 game time (my best time)

4.(OPTIONAL) You can use the "Reduced Traffic" cheat to make the race easier. If you don't use the cheat, finish before 16:30, and get no damage to your car, you'll win as many internets and cookies as you want.


This is the map of the race path:


(I would've put the image on the post, but it wasn't working sorry)


If it's unclear, here are the directions:


1. First, go to the beginning of the interstate highway next to the Los Santos Forum (stadium). The race must start at 5:30 A.M. so the times are accurate.


2. Turn right on the first intersection and head north to the Mulholland Intersection.


3. Exit off of the Mulholland Intersection onto Mulholland Drive (the avenue that goes through Rodeo)


4. Exit Los Santos and go into the San Fierro island. Go onto the highway at the next intersection.


5. Follow the highway until you get to San Fierro.


6. Turn left on the first intersection in San Fierro, towards the Garver Bridge.


7. Go on the last exit before the Garver Bridge, then turn left, and then turn right.


8. Continue north for 4 blocks, and then turn left onto the avenue leading to the Gant Bridge.


9. Go over the Gant Bridge, and drive through the highway leading to Las Venturas.


10. Go left on the Blackfield Intersection onto Julius Thruway West.


11. Go left on the Pilson Intersection, and then go onto the Harry Gold Parkway.


12. Drive over the Mako Span, and then exit off the Montgomery Intersection onto the highway leading to Palmino Creek and East Beach.


13. Drive south into East Beach.


14. Turn right on the road next to the Los Santos Forum, then head towards the start.


15. If you end before 16:30, you win!


If you want to prove that you finished, post a video on YouTube with proof and put it on your reply, or post a series of screenshots - either way. Enjoy.

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