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how to kill an helicopter

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hi, lately i've encouter some player who were really good with the helicopter..

you know, circle around you an shooting

i have a hard time killing those bastards


any tips on how to take them down?

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You can find tips & tricks on how to take down helicopters in the Urban Warfare: Survival Guide thread, I believe there are also videos there to help you out icon14.gif

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If you feel like wasting $5000 a pop, the Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) and some patience as it does not always find its mark, or you can make use of an assault rifle aimed straight at the pilots seat window - left side. A concentrated burst, assuming you have a good aim and he will be some other universes problem in about seven-eleven seconds. In the case of police copters, first take out the gunners, one each side, and then concentrate on the pilot - or if you want a clean kill and take all three out at once, just ice the pilot and for them all, its goodnight Vienna. Naturally the more powerful the weapon the more punishment you can dish out, however, be advised shotguns do not really have the range for most helicopter assaults.

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1- dont play aa on

2- practice

3- practice

4- practice

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lol!! mate i'm one of those basterdes xD try shooting the window at he's head or body it allways creeps me out and takes me down cause most peopple will try to avade and crash into a building or somth! btw try been in the city so they'll crash... works on me smile.gif

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