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How to check what mission is?


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I've just started playing ViceCity. While I reached that specs guy he asks something related to getting dress for party. I forgot what did he mentioned. How can I find what is the mission I've to work on? Is there any short cut for replaying that video or some help guides that tell about what my mission is i.e. where do I have to reach now.


Let me know soon else I'll suicidal.gif (this is not me but you biggrin.gif )

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Use the brief option in main menu!!It stores the dialogues of the mission

Thanks.. Umm.. I am novice and didnt get which menu you are talking about.. could you please specify how to reach what you suggested?


many thanks

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In the pause menu that you access by pressing "esc" key, there's a "brief" section, that keeps the most recent dialogs and texts from the game.

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The "brief" screen may be empty if he reloaded...


There is a store located just north of pole position.... it is where you pick up the outfit-- Rafaels I think.... just walk into the clothes icon located there to change to a suit.


The next mission will show up with an icon on your map-- usually its a letter for a mission for a person.






It's 3:40 in this video.



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