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cant start GTA SA


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Hi, just one question.


I downloaded the S.A (the hoodlum version, kust sayin couse i red on the net many ppl had trouble to start this!)

After i cracked, and trying to start with his icon, nothing happen!No message about some error ,nothing happens.

what need to do?i tryed patched before copy the crack but that installation wasnt success.

I have red many problem with gta sa in my country and over the internet too, but how try to make it start?pls answere.


i was reinstall about 3 times to do variations but dont work.


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When you buy the game I'm sure you won't have a problem with the Real Game. This Forum doesn't support nor promote warez.

Where to (Buy) Download:

Direct2Drive.com (for PC and MAC)


Wikipedia: Steam (software)


Rockstar Warehouse for boxed games:

Rockstar Site

Also generally available at on-line sites…

Amazon.com (I got a replacement copy for 10.00$US)


E-Bay (you might find a First Edition if you’re lucky),




and their dot coms, etc.

also, if you’re lucky some local Pawn shops, Swap meets/Flea Markets (But, beware of Pirated games. The Game comes on a single DVD not CD’s

A Note for potential Modders:

Modding is easy with First Edition (Version 1 games are Hard to find).

Not so easy unless you work at it with Second Edition (Version 2 games on a DVD Disc. These are Currently available.)

Version 3 games are Not able to be Modded. (Downloads).





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