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What Gta V Should Copy From Other R* Games


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What I Think Rockstar Should Copy Of There Other Games. 1. Facial Expressions And Mouth Movment Off LA Noire.

2. The Gun Wheel Off Red Dead Redemption.

3. One Shot To The Head And Heart Like On Red Dead Redemption.

4. Interacting More With Your Surrounding Like LA Noire.

5. More Of A Clothing Line Like On Gta SA.

6. More Guns Like On Red Dead Redemption.

7. Animals e.g. Dogs, Birds And Fish Like Red Dead Redemption.

8. Renting Houses Or Apartments Like On Red Dead Redemption.

9. Free Roam Missions Like On Red Dead Redemption.

10. More In Game Mini Games. Such As Pool And Boxing Like On Gta SA.

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