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To make gta sa truck axle work...


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I'm new to modding world of gta sa, I use Zmodeler ver 2.1.1 to make mod, because I like to drive off road and truck vehicle in GTA SA so I make a mod for myself(actually I edit it from GTA original vehicle[rancher]) complete with axle, but I cannot make the axle move in the game, you know like the real off road vehicle or jeep axle, so is there anyody could guide me to make the axle move or work???[sorry for my bad English I'm Malaysian]


>please don't post spam I need real good answer< sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

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You mean you need suspension? Or do you mean the axle won't bob up and down with the wheels?


If it's the first, you'll need to make a better handling line. You can request one here.

If it's the second, well, I think you should read this - link


Name the axles 'transmission_f' (front axle) and 'transmission_r' (rear axle).


Also, make sure the car is specified in the default.ide as being an 'mtruck'.


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