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Hey Guys I am looking for anyone one who has Skills with making signatures, it would be Greatly appreciated, ill setup the info below and if anyone has a chance on making this for me it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you for your time.


Backround: http://o.aolcdn.com/os/autos/photos/miscel...rcover-cop-car3


This Picture right here: http://images.mylot.com/userImages/images/...tos/1640961.jpg I would like Infront of the backround, and for the guy on the Right underneath it i would like it to say Detective J.Turgeon in Bold white letters, and for the guy on the right, I would like it to say underneath him Detective W.Wilison in white bold letters.


Size:Signature Size


And Also can you please shrink this to fit on it as well, thank you





As I said, Thank you for your time , and this will be Greatly Appreciated.

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user posted image




Not to be rude Eli, its spelled "Wilson". Theres no "i" after the L.


Just spotted that, figured you should know =)


Oh, and I know that OP posted as Wilison, but considering that "Wilson" is me hes referring to. Just wanted to point that out.

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