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Hi this is my contest in steps

1. I need 2 more judges please email me at [removed]

2. I will post when I get the judges and the contest will begin (note if you don't want me to post your email for other people to email I will email you any videos sent to me.)

3. You go until you die or 8Min. Whichever comes first.

4. You can go to any jump in any area (but it would be best to stay in the skatepark and by the skydiving building.

5. This is a bikes only contest any bike tho moter and petal

6. Stunt

7. Send me your video no editing

8. Judging will start at the end of fall and be done middle of winter

9. This is just for fun so no prizes or is there? there is biggrin.gif

10. Have fun.

also this is san andreas only


Remember email me at [removed]

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Doc Rikowski

This section is for events on GTA MP.

It's not a good idea to post an email address nor is allowed to advertise external events run outside GTAF.

Read forum guidelines please.

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