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Multiplayer Ideas


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This is my Idea of the multiplayer.




Gang War:

Team Deathmatch.



Like GTA IV.



Kind of like Grab the Bag from RDR

Kidnap the target and bring him back to your hideout.

Can be done with Teams or no Teams.



No weapons.


Street Race:

Weapons, no aircraft



DM with only drive-bys.

Two people in a vehicle of their choice. One person is the driver one is the drive-byer.


Turf War:

Holding territory for a certain amount of time will let you buy road blocks and armor.


Cops and Robbers:

Chase. Arrest. Kill.

The game starts out as a chase. Police can call for backup AI or spikes and road blocks.





There are 25 ranks. The way to get to other ranks will require you to get a certain amount of money from competitive modes, each rank will require more money.





When you its your first time playing MP you will start out with a 9mm pistol and some old clothes.



Money is earned from playing competitive modes and doing activities in Free Mode.


Weapons and Vehicles:

You will be able to buy weapons from the weapon shop, but you can also find the weapons but will be harder to find. Vehicles can be bought from a car dealership. You can have up to three cars in your garage. A wheelman can deliver your cars to you if you call him.




Being a vigilante will require you to takedown certain players that are causing trouble for money. Becoming a vigilante will let you bribe cops before they shoot at you.



You can create a gang and choose a territory. You can also fight for territory.



To customize your character you must go to clothes shops to buy them or rob them.



Creating a buisness will earn you money depending what your buisness is will decide on how much you get.



Your health will recover after a certain amount of minutes if they are small wounds.

To get more health you must either find first aid packs in alleys and backways or go to the hospital and pay a small fee.



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