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Duplicate account?


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Ok me and my friends are close most of them are on here, due to bad Internet support my two best friends


Lax 35 warrior

Have both asked post for them, recently they received a message saying they had a duplicate account of mine

Then xrdkx assassin had never been on gta forums I had helped create a story and background and he did not know how to post so he asked me to log into his account and post it for him


These three people just told me they received messages saying they had duplicate accounts of mine and they aren't aloud to post because of it and I'd just like yo sort it out

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I'll let the admin who "locked" those accounts handle this.


You must give us a warning before doing something like that though, or this will happen.



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Apart from those two accounts, I can also see you have 10 other accounts registered over a period of 2 days (Aug 10 and Aug 11). Care to enlighten us on this?

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Most of my new recruits that I get on gta don't know how or even know about gta forums so hey asked me to sign them up you could talk to each and every sing one of them on xbox live and Thayer would say they agreed to it I had not known you weren't aloud to do this but if ou give me a chance you can talk to each one they are on my friends list on xbox

Gt: kjntj145

Before I first started I only got squeekers who didn't know how to do anything then I got more members who were older that new about and howmto talk and reply on gta forums, I was told I needed to sign them up or I would get the boot so I had a a gtaforums sign up day so all the members joined my game and we signed them up with help either they signed up or I or my co eared signed them before we didn't see a problem in it now I see that you guys all think I'm them (ip address) but I assure they are all separate people


And xrdkx assassin is not me he leads his own clan the only reason I was on hismaccount was to post his vendetta family thing because he was knew.

I now understand the consequences of this and I just want to sort this out smile.gif

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Suction Testicle Man

Please tell your friends to register new accounts themselves. As a result of you registering so many accounts, it's virtually impossible for us to see what's going on, and plays havoc with our ability to moderate. The only solution at that stage is to remove the accounts from play (ie. ban).


In future never log into any account except your own, as we will assume you are the same person.

If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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