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How do you get double smg's ?


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I've completed GTA San Andreas by using another saved game and I was just wondering how to get double smg's.

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You'll need to reach hitman level on that weapon but you can only do it with TEC-9's, 9mm, Sawned-off shotguns, and UZI's.


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When CJ does get the Double-Weild ability many Players find it a nuisanse, as it takes CJ twice as long to reload. (Speed reloading by changing to another weapon and back again)

The Pickup illustration is a Mini-Uzi, but CJ will be holding a Mac-10/11, which is identified in the text as "Mini-SMG".

Once you have double-weild you cannot change back.


A reminder to all. This is an old Game, so many questions have been answered before. It is suggested that a SEARCH be made before creating a New Topic.:


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Which dual wield, do you prefer?

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…and more…

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