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Ryosuke's normal map plugin.


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I've decided to make this new thread because I didn't managed to understand how Ryosuke's normal map plugin works. I've copied all the files into my gta sa folder but it seems that the mod is still not working. Can anyone help me,or explain to me how do I proper install this mod ? I really want to get it to work..



Here is the link for the mod



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Someone said in some random thread, that Ryosuke's plug-in only works if the ped-model has normal map attached to it. So, some ped-mods work with it, but not all. And original ped-models... Nope.


I think someone should add normal map on normal peds, so the mod would be useful...

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That plugin was based on mostly anime models that we make on Japnese sites. They tend to be 'pale' compared to normal peds and glow in cutscenes, under headlights or in the dark with certain ENB settings. We also make it a point to map them a certain way to minimize the 'glow' effect. This plugin is made to compliment that. It will not work with most stock items in SA.



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