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FPS Problem


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Hi guys, I have a real problem with this game sad.gif


When I enter the game, and get out of my house, I have 45-50 FPS , but few minutes later, it decreases to 15-20.

That happened with High Quality textures , so I tried changing them to medium & low to see if the game goes better, but no. My FPS drops to 15-25 FPS on medium textures.


Q9550 2.83 GHz

Gtx 285 1 GB


1 TB SATA 7200 RPM


How the hell can that happen to me? It's NOT POSSIBLE!!


I'm playing with Patch on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition x64


Oh, about 6 months ago, I played too on Windows XP 32 bits on patch , and it was going GREAT, always more than 32 FPS with everything on High.


Where is the problem??


Oh, I tried reinstalling the game and changing it to Compatibility mode XP SP3




PS : OK, I decided to reinstall the game and apply patch , and it works f*ckING GREAT.


Why the hell does Rocsktar update the game when the perfomance decreases as hell? lol?.



Rockstar, you are stupid as hell.

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