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Slow Loading Textures


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Well, my PC is truly crap. Long time ago (about 2 months) I got Grand Theft Auto IV to work properly, and by saying properly I mean that the textures load really fast. I can see everything in the distance etc. When I don't talk through Skype or have my Fraps switched on, the game works pretty smooth. I know that the gameplay level depends on how good your PC is. But I know that there are minor modifications that can help me. Does anybody know any? I really need help because I am in a middle of recording a Machinima.

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What things have you changed since it started doing this?

Any (new) mods?

Are you using commandline?

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Processor: Intel Dual-Core 1.80Ghz

Memory: 2048MB

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit


Well, I use commandline and it is full of codes. I use Realizm IV, Visual IV, ENB series (low settings so my car just looks a bit like a mirror). And that's about it, I know that this doesn't look good but I already got my GTA IV to work properly once so I hope that I can do it again. smile.gif

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Holy sh*te! Are you kidding me?

That processor is the bare minimum for the game, and you use all that sh*t like ENB?

How much fps do you get then? It isn't surprising you got disappearings with that rig wink.gif

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About 20 fps outdoors and 35 fps indoors. Something like that. Since yesterday, the game started lagging badly. Which never happened before I inserted some fps mods confused.gif Don't matter, it doesn't bother me that much. Before I used commandline, the game was lagging anyway so I'll have to check the commandline again.


btw. I had to overclock the graphics, but what I should of done, is overclock the processor ... any idea how? nervous.gif

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