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Various Ideas and Aphorisms


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Good to see you back, sir. smile.gif


Very interesting points. One question, though:



If a person is willing to acknowledge and accept that objectively they are an animal living in an indifferent and unforgiving universe, that their persona cannot possibly extend beyond the finite time they will live, that only the clever brain of a human can conceive and feel that something or someone has value and purpose and that nothing supernatural wrote such qualities into the very fiber of existence or guarantees the survival of every individual's essence and consciousness into infinity, if they acknowledge and accept those things they might just have a chance of leading a full and very rewarding life, but only if they also will embrace the contradiction that they should not let any of those intellectual hard truths prevent them from enjoying the experience of life and having a positive and optimally healthy concept of self that includes doing the most good for others without harming yourself and vice versa.

When you say that, are you saying the human race is the only species that can discover this, or that only the smartest of people can make the realization?


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