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Name of the song in the mission The Holland Play.


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Read the title.In the cutscene of the mission the holland play,there is a song,music or whatever you call it.Can someone tell me the name of the song or music?If I am right,you can catch it on Beat 102.7...

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Do you know any rough lyrics from the song?


Best if you just listen to The Beat 102.7 to see if you can hear that song as that is the radio station that plays in Playboy X's house. When you hear the song again dial into you phone 948-555-0100 and it will tell you the name of the song and who sang it. smile.gif

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I tried First cut scene, I hear no music...

I have no idea, could you tell em the lyrics?

At least a part you can hear cleary...

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Sad that I can't play the game anymore,I played it when I was in vacation on the 360 version when I was bored.And I StoneHead37,thanks.And I never knew about calling that phone number and telling me the song's name.

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