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Few glitches i found past 3 months


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Ok the strangest one was that i was doing vigilante mission 68 and suddenly my criminal cars went rhino proof

Second one is that i was at ferry docks and suddenly after 3 hours(gta time i was with phobos vt) started to spawn phobos vt at portland rarely i saw sindacco argento( i was with one).

Third one was that cop with white pants idk why appeared everywhere

Fourth one was that Diablo Stallions spawning in Saint Mark's(i know that Diablo Stallion drives thru Saint Mark's rarely) really oftenly even members started to spawn i never seen like this before

And fifth one was that once i did a stunt jump i jumped in the water somehow and teleported to porter tunnel.

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Shane X. Walsh

The first glitch - I think that glitch just made the Vigilante harder.


The second glitch - If you drive some rare cars and stop by into common cars area, the same car you drive will be spawned in traffic.


The thrid glitch - What? I never heard such that cop wearing a white pants.


The foruth glitch - That would be a random traffic car spawned in some areas.


The fifth glitch - If you did a stunt jump near docks (possibly docks, Aspatria, etc) you might be teleported into Porter Tunnel. The same glitch happened when you did Aspatria hospital.

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