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SAMI 1.1 Error


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I basically need help on my SAMI installing any mods with it. Its like a debugger error. Look at the pictures.




After clicking CANCEL,




My laptop's Specs

Acer Asipire 4253

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build7601)

BIOS : InsydeH2O Version CCB.03.60.41V1.06

AMD Dual-Core Processor 2CPUs ~1.6GHz

4096 RAM

DirectX 11



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I think you need JIT debugger.

I don't know where to download it so sorry on that part.

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Thanks Nathan. How about this; if your SAMI has the JIT Debugger, can you like upload it to Mediafire or something and give me the link. I'll appreciate that a lot.

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I'm currently staying at my uncle's at the moment so I can't really access my PC at the moment, and i believe JIT Debugger can be downloaded off the official Microsoft website. I'm not 100% sure but I'll search for a solid download link for it.

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Don't use SAMI. it may be faster but sometime when you trry to delete a car mod it'll say its gone but in game the mod is still there...happened to me quite a bit. so i started to use IMG Tool for car mods...let alone all mods

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Once I installed a big mod and when I pressed uninstall the mod remained as the player.img >:( so I had to replace all the files one by one.

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