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Gta IV:Made Men

A loaded rifle

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A loaded rifle


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Credits to XTREME0235 for the banner.



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Your name is Benny Rizo you are an Italian-American Living in the suburbs of Alderney city.Your family is dead,You are in debt,and you are being hunted down by a biker gang called the Angels of Death.The Angels of Death killed your Mother,Father,Sister,Fiance,and Brother.You are a dirty street rat constantly being pushed around and taken advantage of.You lost all your Money and Family with one stupid decision.Lets go back to 1998,the streets were clean and you had just gotten your job promotion to manager of a Burger Shot in downtown alderney.You planned on later that night proposing to your girlfreind of 7 years.You head to work in your 1994 Bmw Luxury Sedan.You Notice a sign of smoke in the air,you think nothing of it and continue to work.When you approach your Burger Shot you see a Huge ball of flames bursting out of your Fast-food joint's doors.Your workplace is on fire.You then see a group of gang members which look to be like the Angels of Death.They get in their bikes and speed off.


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Chapter 1


The Return


Keeping it Real


America..Only for the brave


A new freind


For the Famigla


Chapter 2


Not your average biker


Fish in a barrel




Drugs,Drugs,and more Drugs


Chapter 3


Only room for one




The End


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Character Name:Benny Rizo


Group:Moretti Crime Famigla


Job:Burger Shot Manager,Unemployed

Bio:A young Italian man trying to make it in Liberty City.


Character Name:Mario Moretti


Group:Moretti Crime Famigla


Job:Mafia Don

Bio:The Don of the Moretti Crime Famigla.This man comes from italy and is known for many murders throughout Liberty City.


Character Name:Jimmy Moretti


Group:Moretti Crime Famigla


Job:Drug Dealer

Bio:Brother of Mario Moretti,This man has had many run-ins with the police.He was born and raised In Italy.


Character Name:Dimitri Baskov


Group:Moretti Crime Famigla


Job:Slaughter House Worker

Bio:Recruited into the Moretti Crime Family at the age of 14,this man has his life dedicated to the mafia.


Character Name:Russell Torres



Job:Bootleg Movies/Games seller.

Bio:As a boy this thug wanted to be free.He is the leader of the Angels of Death.He is 69 years old and on the verge of death becuase of his cocaine addiction.


Character Name:Armando-Ricardo blanca Jr.



Job:Part time Imigrant smuggler

Bio:This Mexican 28 year old is the leader of one of the most dangerous gangs in liberty city.The South-Side killas.He spends most of his time earning cash by helping smuggle illegal aliens.



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The Angels of Death


Moretti Crime Family


South Side Killas


Liberty City Police Department


Krishenkov Mafia



user posted image


Westdyke Casino


Gained:First Chapter Complete



Bohan Auto Parts


Gained:Second Chapter Complete



Majestic Hotel


Gained:Third Chapter Complete
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A loaded rifle


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The Angels of Death flee the scene of your Burger Shot,You chase after them in your BMW until the bikers start to slow down.You ram one with your car and he is trampled over a Taxi Cab directly behind you.Their are four bikers left and one starts to shoot at you as you try to weave your car away from the bullets.


Benny:What the F*ck is this about?

Bikers:Die MotherFuc*er!


You slow down at an abandoned sprunk factory in Alderney.The bikers run in and you chase after them.You have nothing but your own bare hands to fight with.You pick up a sharp rock and go into the underground subway entrance leading to the factory.You see a biker run behind a flaming barrel in the tunnel.You approach him with caution,He points his gun at you...


Biker:Your dead As*hole.


With all your force you knock the gun out of his hand with the rock and hit him directly in the throat.The rock digs into his neck and causes him to choke on it.Blood is running down his mouth as he stumbles over.You get his Handgun and advance more.You are shot at while in the tunnel and retreat to get a better aim.One of the bikers advances and sure enough you shoot him in the head spilling his brains on the floor.You decide it is to risky to stay so you run back to your car and drive home to your apartment.


Gained Items:Glock 17 Handgun

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Balls, I was planning on using the name Moretti for a crime family in my upcoming concept. Oh well, I'll find a different one to use. This looks interesting, I'd like to see some more of it. What makes the Angels of Death want to kill this guy's family and all?

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Mr White0161

Not a bad start, like the guy before said you should add some more details. But those come over time.

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A loaded rifle


user posted image

Five years later,You might be wondering why the Angels of Death killed Your family.Is it for Revenge or perhaps just for the blood-rushing pumped-up feeling of successfuly killing another human being?No,It is for none of those reasons.You ripped them off,big time.They hired you to buy some drugs in Los Santos,Your old hometown.But instead you fled with the money and started a new life in Liberty City.Now you sit at the foot of your bed wondering why?Why would I do this?The answer is inside you,you know that deep down there is a rotten,disgusting,inmature bastard better off being dead.Your Fiance,Mother,Brother,All of your family...DEAD...for this one decision.After you left the crime scene five years ago things have never been the same.In fact you are looking out the metal bars of a jailcell at this very moment.



*Gates open,Prisioners make noise rattaling the metal bars*



Guard:...Benny Rizo?

Benny:Thats me MotherFuc*er...

Guard:Watch your language Jailbird!Someone want's to see you...


Your cells doors unlock and you are cuffed,and the Guard walks you to the Visitor's Area.You sit down not knowing what will happen next when you see a figure walk in the room.He smells of Cigars,Lots of Cigars...He sits down at the chair next to you.You see the dark look on his face and the shadowy wrinkles below his mouth.He looks to be an older man,That is....older than you of course.He is wearing a questionable outfit at a prision,with a dark fedora and a dirty brown suit.


Mario Moretti:Hey kid...

Benny:Who are you?

Mario Moretti:Im interested in you joining the...Waste Mangement Business

Benny:Who are you?!

Mario Moretti:My name is Mario Moretti,I can help you..

Benny:With what?

Mario Moretti:What do you think?Jail,Family..

Benny:How do you know about my family?!

Mario:We have been watching you benny,Watching for quite a while.

Benny:What do you want from me?!

Mario:*Chuckle*I want you


Mario:I want you to do me a few favors

Benny:Well look at me you schmuck,You think I can do anything with these Cuffs on my wrists?

Mario:...Exactly my point,Ill make you a deal.

Mario:I get you out of here and you do me a few favors in return.Simple enough?

Benny:Whats the catch?

Mario:No catch,Just a deal.

Benny:On one condition..I want the men who killed my family.

Mario:That can be aranged..Take this


*Hands Benny a knife*


Mario:Cut yourself while in your cell,The guards will unlock it to check you.

Mario:I then want you to stab the guard and take his shotgun.Don't forget to shoot the locks of the other cells if you want to make a distraction...

Benny:Ill think about it..

Mario:You do that....


*Mario Walks away*


Three days later and noone has seen the knife yet.You watch the cars go by from outside your cell window and you feel trapped you decide there is only one way.You take out your knife and but a small cut in your wrist.You then squeeze your hand a scream.Sure enough,The guard runs into your cell unlocking it.


Benny:Ive been cut!

Guard:Apply pressure to the wound!

Benny:*Gets up takes out knife*

Benny:Sorry buddy,Its been fun while it lasted


*Benny Stabs the guard in the neck putting him to the ground shortly*


You pick up the shotgun and continue to shoot the locks off of five cells.A riot is started and you take out the guards that stand between freedom.You make it into the parking lot and quickly get in a car.You hotwire the car and pull it out of the lot.You charge with full speed at the gate a burst through.You drive away into the night with a small cut in your hand.


Gained Items:Knife,Pump-up Shotgun

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The Nefarious

I like this so far and think it has a lot of potential. My only issue is the mixing of so many different elements.. you have this as a GTA game featuring The Angels of Death and pictures of the Pegorino Family in the banner and then you mix in a fictional mafia family not seen in GTA and a picture of Vito from Mafia II. I guess it kinda works in the way that it's different but I just think it would work better if you used things from the GTA Universe. Looks promising though keep at it.

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toni cinpriani

A little detail: In 1998 the burger shot was destroyed, right? How is it possible he headed to work in a 2009 BMW Luxury Sedan if it was 1998?

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A loaded rifle
A little detail: In 1998 the burger shot was destroyed, right? How is it possible he headed to work in a 2009 BMW Luxury Sedan if it was 1998?

Oops..Ill fix it

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A loaded rifle

user posted image


You arrive back home and cook yourself some dinner.You let your Baked Ziti cool off on the counter and you walk outside for some fresh air.You can see all the stars in the sky and hear the sirens blazing through liberty city.You think about Mario and his offer to you.You walk back inside,finish your dinner,and go to sleep.


*Alarm rings




You get up and shut off the alarm.You then decide to call Mario about his offer.





Benny:It's benny...

Mario:So did you make up your decision?


Mario:Meet me at The Port Tudor offfices at 2:30.




2 Hours later you arrive at the offices.You keep your Glock handy in your pocket and walk to the doors.You open the door and see a large group of Italians arguing.


Benny:Mario?Is mario here?

Italian1:In the back!


You cautiously walk to the back and open the door.You see Mario putting Crack Cocaine in a suitcase.Mario sees you and looks deep in your eyes.


Mario:You didn't see anything!

Benny:No I did not....

Mario:So you decided to help out the family?


Mario:Good!Take this.


Mario hands you a snub nosed pistolWith ductape wrapped over the handle.


Mario:I want you to take out a guy who lives around East Hook.His name is Sergi Reznov.

Benny:Who is he?

Mario:Some schmuck who owes us money!If you take him out I will give you 25% of the money he owes us.

Benny:How much does he owe?

Mario:Forget About it...



To be Continued.....

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