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Bachelor Parties


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My best friend is getting married in September, this weekend I'm throwing his ass a bachelor party.


Backstory: He told me he wants to keep it small (his two brothers and me), so I thought it would be great if we all chipped in and bought flights to Vegas. However when I brought this up to my friend he said he wasn't feeling it and wanted something more low-key. He suggested we rent a cabin for a weekend, so that's exactly what I did. It's secluded (so noise shouldn't be a problem), on a lake, far away enough that it will feel like a short vacation, and there will be minimal driving involved which will allow for copious, COPIOUS amounts of drinking.


tl;dr, we're getting a cabin in the north woods for the weekend.


My friend had also made it clear that he also wasn't interested in strippers or going to a strip club. Which was totally fine with me, less money I had to spend on him. Now he's changed his mind and REALLY wants to have that traditional bachelor party experience. This is a problem because the nearest strip club is 1 1/2 hours away. And that is FAR from a good strip club. So now I think we're going to take a detour on our way to the cabin to go to a really reputable club and will probably just get a hotel nearby so we can get sh*tty.


tl;dr, we're going to a strip club one day


My only real concern now is that this sounds like the plot from a sh*tty horror movie. Four young guys going to a secluded cabin in a small town in the north woods for a bachelor party... If I never post on GTAF again assume that I was brutally murdered by an axe-wielding local serial killer that preys on young men. Just saying.



Have any of you fellas had any exciting bachelor party experiences? I'm open to ideas and suggestions for things we can do this weekend too.


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