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In need of some of the game's orginal files


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Okay, I hope this is the right forum to put this in (I couldn't decide whether not this should go into the "Modding" section or not, so please excuse me if it should go there). Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has a backup of all the original files of "pedprops.img" that I could download. I kinda screwed up with a mod I downloaded and now all of the hats and glasses in the game are messed up and I forgot to make backups beforehand. So anyone got one I could download that would work with version Thanks.

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It'll probably violate the EULA of the game by distributing parts of the game online.


If you have the Steam version, right click the game in Steam, press "Properties", click the "Local Files" tab and press "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"


If you have the disk version, run the installer off the disk and then select "Repair Installation"

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