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Urban Warfare Realism Sound Mod

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This mod changes the weapon and explosion sounds to real recordings. They were taken in areas with lots of surroundings to fit the large city atmosphere of GTA IV.

All real sounds of .40 S&W, .357, 9mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.56x45mm, 12 Gauge, and 7.62x51mm calibers, taken from some of the exact weapons. Also including RPG and Real Explosion sounds.


v1.2 Update

- All the modded sounds have been update and are more clean, plus some are changed.

- Explosions are louder, some of the guns are louder

- Tried to balance the loudness of the weapons more


New video showing off the sounds (v1.2)



- Download StarkIV tool, if you don't already have it

- Go to your Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/audio/sfx folder and copy & paste the resident.rpf file in a different folder as a "back up" (or use StarkIV to export the current WEAPONS.ivaud and EXPLOSIONS.ivaud as a back up)

- Open StarkIV, click GTAIV, go down to pc -> audio, then click on sfx. Scroll and click on resident.rpf, then click RESIDENT, and import the modded EXPLOSIONS.ivaud and WEAPONS.ivaud

Edited by sduck

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Nice work, sounds really nice.

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thanks, if anyone thinks something should be changed or fixed, let me know.

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WOW. mercie_blink.gif


Mate, I'm going to patch this into the ENB Screenshot Thread (user traffic). This is what urban warfare should sound like. LOVE the reverberation. The RPG is awesome, nice thwack/bang on trigger pull.


God that reverb...beauty. Nice job. monocle.gificon14.gif


ENB Screenshot Thread


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Made version 1.2, updated first post, will be added soon after its approved on GTAGarage... Enjoy.

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