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Logo + signature.


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Hey again, this time I'd like a new sig. It should be Bianco Crime Famiglia themed, and it must have my name on it. Maybe add my rank, ''associate'' somewhere. The sig can have a picture from a mafia themed game like Godfather (1 or2), Mafia (1 or 2), Scarface: The World Is Yours or anything that comes into your mind.


The second thing I need is a logo and headers for my mission pack, The Rebirth. I obviously need a logo saying The Rebirth. The mission pack is similar to Fallout, so maybe add a post-apocalyptic pic in the background, and add a retro font.

I also need these headers:







Cookie in advance. cookie.gif

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Just some basic ones.

Most of the time was being spent on the name placement, which could have been done better.


I'm not entirely happy with the placements.

But in the end its what you like best. smile.gif


P.S: Do you mind that I forgot the '.' at the end of 'Mati'?


user posted image





user posted image





user posted image





user posted image




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So far, thanks for everyone's effort. I'm choosing UNRATED's sig.

Although I don't really like the logo. Its not that it looks bad (cuz it's great!) but it doesn't really fit.

I was expecting something more retro, plus the image looks more like the ruined White House, while SA doesn't take place in Washington.


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Thanks both of you. I prefer DSMTuner's logos, he's going to be credited.

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