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to all

Please Help me. confused.gifsad.gifsad.gif


i have installed CLEO 4.

and DYOM V6



-Problem is that,

i have make my mission then save it.

-then i Select "Play Mission"

-the mission starts and after 3 sec, black screen appears.

-and says Mission Passed!



= i have made this mission from dutchy3010's tutorial.

on youtube.

-this problem occurs with all Dyom Missions.

-and also with Downloaded dyom missions.


PLEASE confused.gifsad.gif HELP!!!! ME!!!! sad.gifsad.gif



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General Scrotum
Maybe it's CLEO 4, DYOM requieres CLEO 3

False, CLEO 3 and CLEO 4 are both fine with DYOM.


Anyway, any mods installed? Maybe you need to reinstall your game.

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Weird bug you got there,i got these suggestions :

1,Re-Install DYOM

2,Re-Install Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

3,Remove your mods,even skins if it may got worse

If those fails try smashing your computer like hell tounge.gif

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Is it really in every mission or just your missions? Maybe you didn't add any objectives.

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