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Hot Coffee


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This is kind of weird.

Until now I've dated all my girlfriends and when I was asked for "coffee", there was no option of seeing what happens in there, and this is how I want it to stay.

Then,I took Katie on a date and she invited me in for "Coffee" and suddenly I COULD have see the scenes that earlier I couldn't see.

In short, somehow I got Hot Coffee mod enabled( and I didn't install it, it annoys me)I've got no idea how this happened and I want to disable it.

I have downloaded the patched that are supposed to fix it, but none of them work.

Is there some mod that can simply disable/enable the Hot Coffee? cause it pisses me off and I just want to get rid of it.

Please help

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Something doesn't add up, as the Hot Coffee thing is a mod only and was never in the Original game(to my knowledge), so with that being said, Is your version the Retail(DVD) OR a Downloaded version? If Downloaded, from where? If Retail, Is this the Original DVD OR a No-DVD crack OR a Copy of the disc being used? What game version do you have-V1, V2, or V3? Do you have any mods or trainers?-If so, un-install, delete ALL remaining files in the install directory, delete the .set file in the User Files Folder, and if on Vista or (7?), make sure there is no hidden virtual store stuff in there, and then re-install and DO NOT install any mods or trainers and see if the problem persists...Also, a video would be helpful to prove the Hot Coffee is enabled on a normal game...

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This isn't your first time with this problem.:


Key to her heart, I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!


when I do the mission "key to her heart", when I get to her house, it's like in hot coffee, it tells me to press space for excitment, but first I don't have any hot coffee mod installed, and secondly,when i press space all the time the excitment bar goes down instead of up. I tried uninstalling the game but it didn't help!!!!!!! please I need help passing this mission , I wanna finish the game!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
You never did say where you aquired your game...


1) Uninstall SA.

2) Delete the installation folder if it still exists. (e.g. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas).

3) Delete the Virtual Store copy of the installation folder too. The Appdata folder might be hidden. (e.g. C:\Users\???\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas).

4) Delete the gta_sa.set file from your user files folder.

5) Reboot.

6) Reinstall SA.

To Unhide Folders:

START > User > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options> Show Hidden files and Folders.


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Are you sure you didn't edit your savegame with an editor? Hot Coffee can also be triggered with save game editors without needing the mod itself.


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Well I have found the SA Censor remover and I'm using it, and I have downloaded my GTA:SA from a torrent site.

I have windows 7 x32 bit and I can't really see the version of the gta_sa.exe file.

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Well there you go... You got yourself a contaminated Stolen Game.

I am sure you won't have any problem if you get the legal (purchased) Game.

There is no help to found here for Pirated (warez) games.


Where to (Buy) Download:

Direct2Drive.com (for PC and MAC)


Wikipedia: Steam (software)


Rockstar Warehouse for boxed games:

Rockstar Site

Also generally available at on-line sites…

Amazon.com (I got a replacement copy for 10.00$US)


E-Bay (you might find a First Edition if you’re lucky),




and their dot coms, etc.

also, if you’re lucky some local Pawn shops, Swap meets/Flea Markets (But, beware of Pirated games. The Game comes on a single DVD not CD’s

A Note for potential Modders:

Modding is easy with First Edition (Version 1 games are Hard to find).

Not so easy unless you work at it with Second Edition (Version 2 games on a DVD Disc. These are Currently available.)

Version 3 games are Not able to be Modded. (Downloads).



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