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Having trouble finding someone to insure me?


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Hi folks passed my driving test yesterday I am 17 years old icon14.gif but I am having great difficulty getting insurance for my 2005 vauxhall corsa 1.2 I have tried a couple of insurance company's but they have refused me.


Why can't i get insured i mean its a freakin vauxhall corsa....

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Have you tried adding your parents as named drivers, or tried adding yourself as a named driver to your parent's policy (if they are the main driver of the car)?


Having someone with a good track record on your policy makes the insurance company trust you more.


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Because your a new driver, and 40% of all new drivers crash in their first year.


What you need to do is look at off-the-wall stuff. For instance, a mate of mine ran a Volvo 850 T5 for a year at 17- he paid £200 less for a years insurance on a 200-odd HP turbo car than I did for a 1.4 hatchback. Because Corsas are often covered in stick-on tat, filled with massive stereos (both of which increase damage or theft risks) and are so frequently crashed by numpties, they are astonishingly expensive to insure in comparison to many other hatchbacks. Peugeot 106 and Citroen Saxos are also expensive for the same reason.


The cheapest of the main-stream hatches to insure are the Fiesta and the Punto. Of course, there are things like the Seicento and the earlier Cinquecento which are very cheap, even for new drivers. They're also very good fun to drive- though I've only driven the former myself.


Don't do what a lot of new drivers do, which is insure the car under their parents name and add themselves as a named driver despite being the main user of the car- called "fronting". Insurance companies have been getting quite hot on this recently and catching out ever-increasing numbers of people. At best, they'll invalidate your insurance- £2k down the drain and good luck ever getting insured again with that kind of black mark against your name. At worst, you may well get done for fraud or driving without insurance, and face a fine, driving ban or even suspended prison sentence. If your involved in an accident whilst fronting, it's also quite feasible to be sued for the entire cost of repair by either the third party or your own insurance company.




Unfortunately, you've made the mistake of buying the car before exploring the insurance quotes so you might well be a bit buggered. So unless your willing to sell it and get something cheaper, it might be a case of biting the bullet, churning through the likes of CompareTheMarket and Confused, and paying through the nose (we're talking £4000-5000 as a realistic possibility) to insure a car worth about a grand.


Such are the joys of being a new driver.

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It's a wonder anyone drives in your f*cking country. It'd be cheaper to get your doctorate in nuclear medicine.

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