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Default Values of Certain things In VC

Recommended Posts


None of the trainers I have found work with the UK Steam version of the game.


But that doesn't matter because I have CE. smile.gif


I worked out the Values of several things in the player block by adding subtracting the offsets off of the "Health" offset, I could probably do the same for the Vehicle block, but I dont know the default value of a Vehicles health.

Because the Values change from version to version, but the offsets from those values dont change, it enables me to easily find other adresses as well.

(which is probably a very common technique I am assuming)


I don't know the default value type for player speed, and I cant find any information online denoting the default values of all the discovered addresses. For some strange, bizzare reason, the site listed bellow doesn't list the default values, which is just plain illogical.



^^The above site definately needs an update, whoever is repsonsible for it, that much is true.


*EDIT* (I am SOOO sorry about this, I had no idea SOOOO much had already been documented) nervous.gif

Please give me the noob-benefit-of-the-doubt. sad.gif


Edited by magellenproject

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Its rude to ignore someone this long.


People at this forum

http://ukbouldering.com/board/index.php a sports forum weren't this rude.


It says it all really.



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Most people didn't understand your post since this is not the modding section of the forums which is located HERE


That is where you should have posted your question....


Realize this game is almost 9 years old-- so the lack of activity in this section and your modding question is most likely why you did not receive a timely response.... not rudeness.

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