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ICEnhancer - Want my old graphics back!


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I just installed ICEnhancer 1.2.5, all right - its good but I dont really like it. At night (in game) i cant see a thing, missions seem to be "boring". Its just not for me ... How do I get my old graphics back? While not loosing my 40% of game complete ...

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Delete d3d9.dll and it should revert (most;y) back to normal graphics.


However it probably messed with timecyc, shader files and visualsettings, so you will have to reinstall if you made no backups.


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Right, Am trying the "repair" option in "Programs and Features"

Lets see ...




Doesnt work ... I think am gonna reinstall the game sad.gif

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I reinstalled the game and the graphics are somehow ... "funny" : o

They are like overcolored etc. omfg?!

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I did delete all the files, but after few minutes of thinking my brain realised that the brightness settings might of stayed the same.

And so they did, full contrast, full brightness ... mercie_blink.gif


Problem solved guys <3

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