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Help on the xbox 360 version.


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God blessed me,and I have 1,2 weeks to play Gta 4 on the 360 version.Litteraly,I am sh*t at the game,because I never played the xbox version.Can someone give me tips on how to play it on the 360 version?I have some questions.

1.What should I do in gunfights?Rush in and use autoaim or get some cover?

2.There are 2 types of handbrakes.The LB one(not sure about the buttons) and the A one.Which one is better?

Are there any other ways to sprint?I always tap A but niko only runs,and if he sprints,I have to tap the button like im a damn robot.So if anyone can,please help me,I have only 2 weeks to play the game,and I dont think I have another chance.of course im in vacation and all,but still...you get my point.

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1. For console versions I found always using cover and auto-aim the easiest - when you aim at someone, press up slightly on the stick and go for a headshot.

2. Trigger button is the regular brake and slows the car normally while the handbrake locks the wheels. They both have their uses.

3. There are no other ways to sprint. I think the idea is pretty cool and more realistic - to run faster you have tap faster.


If you're on vacation, go do something more fun than sitting around playing GTA. tounge.gif

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From 24 hours,12 are spent on sleeping and 2 or 3 on gta 4.So Im not standing on the xbox all day.And I have one more question.if im locked onto an enemy,what do I press to aim manually?

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Just press the auto-aim half way....at least that's how it is on ps3, and seeing as the two controllers are relatively similar, I would assume it's the same. You can also free-aim by half pressing the FIRE button.


Also, skip all cutscenes and use taxi's to skip the trip, when possible.


It's funny, since I was just trying to do the same thing. I'm going to college in a week,and I wanted to play through the story w/out dying, cheating, etc. I just finished the story yesterday (tuesday) biggrin.gif


anyway, good luck wink.gif

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Thats what im doing.I know the story from beginning to the end and take taxis by any chance.And for me its the 1st time playing,and I was like,Whoa...,maybe i wont play as much as I want,but at least I experienced the game.

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