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Getting to Kenji's Place

Recommended Posts

I have mastered the Dodo sufficiently to explore Staunton Island.

Has anyone managed to crash-land a Dodo into the roof garden atop Kenji's Casino?


From my frequent attempts the area where you meet Kenji & take missions is solid, but the area of the pool definitely is not.

Thanks to the multi layer construction of the casino you don't drop through into Blue Hell.

I have tried the approach from the sea, with the result the Dodo dropped through the pool.

Coming across the water from Portland you somersault over the edge and crash into the street.

The same applies to flying along the 4 lane highway from the bridge. You have too much speed to stop the plane in such a small space.

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Great Stuff: Worked a treat first time.

I followed the link and explored too.


I am now wondering about the partly built tower on the Panlantic construction site and the Portland lighthouse...........

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Nukey Shay

By Dodo?


Both are "doable"...but both are very difficult.


The lighthouse is difficult because it's such a small target to crashland on (and the game will push you off if you stand on it anyway).

TIP: fly through or over the "rock bridge" that's behind Salvatore's...then nosedive right at the flat area on the Northwestern side of the lighthouse island.


The unfinished building is difficult because the Dodo's altitude normally "tops out" before you can reach the solid cutscene floor or the roof (both are "solid"). Crashing into either of them is not the main problem.


TIP: to go higher than the Dodo was intended to, learn to fly the Dodo "sideways". When your roll angle is very steep, the Dodo has virtually no altitude limit (provided you can maintain control of it). The speed increase that is present when banking sharply allows you to go higher than the "vertical limit". Practice this with the slowdown cheat entered twice until you can get the hang of it. This is *very* tricky to pull off...you need to keep the sideways craft from spinning out of control AND keep your pitch in check so it doesn't stall (but keeps using the "updrafts" to go higher).


Otherwise, you could use a cheating disc or game mod to remove the altitude limit...or remove gravity effects and "fly a Rhino" by firing it's turret. A flying Rhino has no vertical limit in such a manner.

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I have seen a video of s Rhino being landed on the roof of the unfinished Panlantic tower.

The Rhino+antigrav cheat is very hard to control. The Dodo is easy in comparison.

I don't remember where the cutscene floor is in the Panlantic tower.


Apparently there is no grip to the surface of the lighthouse rock & you can't run up the stairs.

It would be interesting to over-fly the Observatory although it is not solid.


They are something you perhaps only do once for the challenge. It is a pity that when you are at a place like Kenji's you are too high to see any pedestrians or traffic on the street. It is always nice to pass some time by taking a few pot-shots.

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I think the only approach to the cutscene floor at the Panlantic tower is from the direction of Shoreside, which is the side the elevator is on.

I'd like to know about the cheat to re-restrict the Dodo, or import a flyable chopper into the game from Libery City Stories. There seem to be a few buildings with solid roofs around.

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Nukey Shay

Not LCS. The mod to put GTA3 files over the Vice City engine has existed for quite some time. It's named Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City...and lets you have access and use every vehicle featured in that game.


But where's the challenge in that? You might as well install Console Admin and just "warp" yourself to wherever you want at any time wink.gif

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Like in SA and VC ,when u fly with planes,there is certain attitude how high u can fly.Does anybody ,if its the same with III?.

Beacause the creators of III cutted Dodo's wings that we couldn't fly good as we want.NOw when i learned flying last night,i belive that they didnt make any borders who high we can fly.That means that i will fly to the highest building with any difficuties.

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  • 2 weeks later...

How can the altitude ceiling of the dodo be raised from whatever it is as standard?

To do the business with the GTA Liberty City mod I assume you must have Vice City installed as well, or a copy of the game.

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Nukey Shay

The "altitude limit" in GTAIII is basically the same as in Vice City...by learning to take advantage of the air physics, the Dodo will no longer climb once you reach the altitude of just below where the cutscenes take place in the unfinished Staunton Island tower. However, Noops discovered that this limit can be defeated by flying sideways (i.e. about a 90 degree roll in either direction). Airspeed is increased in a steep roll...and dipping the nose as it does so allows the Dodo to climb to a virtually unlimited altitude (provided you can maintain control).



Another trick for stopping the Dodo on small rooftops is to use the "Taxi Driver" glitch. When you press and hold the R3 button in a Taxi or Cabbie, exit the vehicle. With R3 still held down, get in a Dodo before releasing it. The Taxi Driver sub-mission will begin...so go pick up a fare and then get airborne. When the timer runs down or you press R3 again to cancel the mission, the Dodo will come to a complete stop in midair to let the passenger out. A Dodo will fall slowly downward. The advantage is that it does not nosedive as it falls smile.gif If you time it right, you can land the Dodo (undamaged) on very small rooftops. The overhead camera can help here.

Edited by Nukey Shay
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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been doing more practice flying with the extreme banking technique to raise the ceiling of the dodo. It works to the point at which I am able to get the dodo to the level of the cut-scene floor of the Panlantic tower.

I have tried to crash it into the building without success so far.

Can you only crash-land onto the cut-scene floor from a certain direction?

It is easier to gain height over the water and approach from the direction of the hospital. As the dodo usually flies in a see-saw pattern I exploit the behaviour to approach the building when i'm climbing at the moment of collision.

If I ain't quite high enough I can abort and go round

Am I wasting time attempting it from this side?

Should I go in from the elevator side? That is assuming I can make an approach from that way.

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I have managed to find another solid level in the Panlantic tower. It is the one not far off the ground with a shipping container piled with carboard boxes.

The crazy Colombian bitch (Catalina) jumps off the cut-scene floor into them.

It looks as if there may be three solid levels in the Panlantic Tower. The grey colours visible from a distance suggests there are three levels you might enter the tower. I assume the cut-scene floor is the middle one, because I have had no joy with the top level so far.

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God damn

Thats a thing I should try myself

I think that Kenji's rooftop are the most beatiful place in GTA III.

You see in the videos how well designed and peaceful that place feels

The 6th picture is soo amazing

Also there are many mods that provide access to both Donald love's place and Kenji's casino easily. I can't remember the site links though.

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The textures on the sides of the building suggest some sort of netting, apart from three levels.

The grey texture suggests there are 3 floors that are open-sided into which one can crash a dodo.

If such a thing is possible I have not managed it yet, even with the top floor, (not the roof).

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Hmm...if I remember correctly, there's not much that IS solid on the cutscene floor. It's just tricky to get the Dodo between the collision points above and below so you can get it in there. The wings have got to be level.


By comparison, the floor with the dumpster is pretty easy to get on. From the airport, top out the Dodo's altitude to fly over the Staunton end of the lift bridge...and then through the city directly toward the construction site. Approach the building's NW corner and lift the Dodo just before you hit it...you should crash and land on a little ledge (on the dumpster floor) just below. Or, you could use the Taxi exploit to stop in midair and fall onto it. Take care that you don't walk to the building's NE corner on that floor, tho. One-way collision barriers will prevent you from going back to other areas of the floor if you go over there.



No need for game mods if you want an easy way to get anyplace (via cheating). The Admin Console program you can use for the PC version (modded or not) allows you to "warp" your character to virtually any X/Y/Z co-ordinate in the game. No Dodo required. And it shows you your current X/Y/Z...if you want to record them for future use.

Edited by Nukey Shay
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  • 1 month later...

It seems there are a few roofs in Staunton that are solid.

incl the police station helipad.

Does the Taxi Exploit, Taxi Glitch or whatever exist in the PC version. There are other glitches so why not this one?

Anyhow, I managed to dive the Dodo at the roof and it touched down OK. However the elevator housing is not solid and I went off the other side, just managing to keep it in the air.

It is fun trying to get to places you should not be at.


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Nukey Shay
Does the Taxi Exploit, Taxi Glitch or whatever exist in the PC version.

Yeah...the default key for starting sub-missions is Caps Lock. If you change it, be sure that it is a key that does not conflict with the Enter and movement keys (so you can switch vehicles with the sub-mission key held down).


And the majority of buildings in all areas have solid rooftops - tho many of them do not visually match the texture. Catalina's mansion in SSV for example has a flat rooftop collision boundry, but the texture GFX is for a pointed roof. IIRC, the SSV hospital and the Panlantic tower are the highest elevations you can stand on top of.

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