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Every ped nearby has the same car as I have?


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Let's say that I spawn a Huntley (replaced with BMW X6) and wherever I drive everyone has the same car and if I drive into an area where, let's say, Dukes is common then again everyone has that car.


Is there any mod for mixing the traffic better?


/ Axxident smile.gif

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I have seriously problems with carpacks and the different cars on the roads.


I have been searching for a valid fix for this, and the best i can come up with is 20 different cars.


What does a car pack over 50 cars do when you only can have 20 different???'


So far i have uninstalled the car packs, because they at the moment are rather useless.

The Ultimate Vehicle Pack looks great, but is more for testing than actual playing with different traffic in game.


Sad but true...

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