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Car reflections error?


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I've just install GTA IV and upgrade to patch, everything works perfect except the reflections on the cars. It looks like this, even when the reflection quality was set to highest level:


user posted image

user posted image


Can anyone help me figure out what caused this error and how to fix it? My GTA is completely clean, no mods or enb installed.

Here's my rigs: CPU [email protected] Ghz, 4Gb DDR2-1066, Ati HD5770 1g

Thanks you guys a lot!

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Do you have any other graphical errors?

Is this a retail version or downloaded version?

If so where?

Have you recently updated any drivers?

Maybe you need to get a more recent patch?

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some ppl have smooth reflection, others don't, my reflection is like that in both IV and EFLC on both desktop and laptop, not a bug actually, neither an error

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