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Installing Car Issue (Model Loading Timeout)


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Hey guys, every noob has their day. For the life of me I just experienced GTA IV for the PC yesterday. Completely flew over my mind that it was released for the PC. I'm super late to the party but I'm glad I got here. I'm using oatch and I have the one of the trainers working. However I just downloaded SparkIV and some car models. I tried to import a car model (rebuild and save) but once in game I get model loading timeout for all cars. I just reverted to the backup and tried some other models and nothing yet.


My windows install is kind of fresh so I could be missing some drivers of some sort, but does anyone have an idea on what I can do?

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For what it's worth, I solved this issue with the following solution:


Installed Net 4.0

Installed Microsoft Visual C++ Distributor


All works well, thanks for reading.



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