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GTA TBOGT ps3 police clan


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Hello, I am unit 5 with the LCPD. Our old clan has shut down, former members of that clan had made a new one. www.lcp911clan.webs.com We are a role playing clan. We are very proffesional. We operate on GTA TBOGT on Algonquin. In order to join, you must have a working mic. We have lcpd, fdlc, ems, and aviation departments available. To join, go to http://lcp911clan.webs.com/ or contact LC-POLICE-01

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If you wish to run a group/gang/clan on GTAF then post a topic in the multiplayer gang section here. We don't allow gangs to be run externally and would like gangs to operate within GTA forums and not just post recruitment topics with links to elsewhere..




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