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GTA 2 Skins

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Hello, can someone tell me how to if possible change the players skin/sprite whatever it's called (I'm dimb) into an already existing skin i.e. change Claude Speeds default look to that of an existing gang member? Thanks for any help - I love this game, oh and I mean for PC. Classics Version. smile.gif

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There are some trainers to do it but they probably haven't been updated to work with v11.44.


You can change remap by changing the mis files with GTA2 mispad or scriptpad. Level 3 is the only level that has the .mis files available, so if you did it on other levels, you'd lose all missions.


Using GTA2 SCR Tool is easiest and it should work on any SCR file without the mis files but I think it might make some scripts unstable.

Edited by Sektor

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Try the scr tool that Sektor suggested.

If that tool doesn't work, i will make it work.


I created that but i don't remember what bugs it has or how it even worked.

I mean was it stable enough or not.



First make backups of your .scr files then try.

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Hello, yes I've downloaded and used that SCR Mod however although it works in changing my skin on Classics GTA 2 using the ste.scr or whatever that's called - I get into game seeing the skin, everything seems normal however often then there's a bug where the game speeds up drastically making it unplayable and more often than-not it merely crashes saying the .exe now isn't working. The game works fine BEFORE I use the mod, absolutely 100% and I've re-downloaded both the mod and game several times now, no luck. I would prefer a structured explanation of actually using the mod if possible or some help? I would gladly donate some money for someone to get this to work however possible - I want to change my skin as it's been something I've always wanted since first playing the game in 2001/2002 Thanks all.

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maybe you have to patch gta2.

GTA2 update http://gtamp.com/gta2


and activate frame rate limiter

Edited by Sektor

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Помоги мне. Я очень хочу играть в дзайбацу в скин в жилом секторе, но игра вылетает через 10 секунд, нет такой проблемы с другими скинами. Почему возможно с кожей зайбацу?

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