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Machinima: Short Stories of Survival Zombie Horror


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►[Watch in 720p HD] ☺

█ For L4D2/GTA IV/Dead Rising 2 MODS + PC Gameplay + GTA IV Machinima

█ Please visit my blog for details: http://ubtri.blogspot.com


"Short Stories of Survival Zombie Horror" is a new GTA IV Machinima webseries I am creating for fun and for the love of both the "Zombie Apocalypse" and the crazy customizable world of Grand Theft Auto IV.


Rather than traditional "episodes" and for the sake of my own short attention span, this series will vary in lengths and release, but expect something every few days, if time permits!


Subscribe so you can catch new episodes!




* I'm using a lot of mods, i link to them all on my blog (link at the top)

* Audio Credits: (The Amazing) Max Richter

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