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I have to find those places in the game, it's for my school. I'm going to get extra points for each location. Hope you can help me out. post a map with the locations!



here is the gallery

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Off-Topic:What kind of school is that?


Anyways,I think it's the tunnel at unity station.But I'm not really sure.

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There are 15 pictures in the gallery. It took five minutes for them all to load on my system.

1. SF RR station.


3. Dohery Contruction site.





8. Barbara's Favorite Diner.



11. Los Santos Police Station.

12. Mt. Chilliad Race (start/finish).

13. South Prominade of the S.F. Ferry terminal.



user posted image


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Arsen Vitiuk

I know all these locations, so I'll tell them:


1. Railroad Tunnel exit near Foster Valley

2. Corvin Stadium parking lot

3. Dohery Contruction site

4. View on Red County and FleischBerg meat factory from Flint County

5. Railroad Tunnel entrance at Las Colinas/East LS/Jefferson border

6. Alleyway at Ocean Flats

7. Driveway in Paradiso, near Gant Bridge entrance

8. Diner in Tierra Robada, along the freeway going from Bayside to Garver Bridge

9. A bridge in Red County across the river near Palomino Creek

10. LS Airport entrance near the parking lots

11. Cathedral in Financial/Calton Heights border, near the tunnel

12. Foot of Mount Chiliad near the Chiliad Challenge finishe line

13. View on Kincaid Bridge (front) and Garver Bridge (back), taken from Tierra Robada

14. The Panopticon

15. Whetstone Bridge

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