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Random Fashen Car

Recommended Posts


Random Fashion Car




now you can go to street and see fashion cars

this mod very better when you use nfs.cs mod from "zacthe nerd"



u should copy and paste .cs file in to cleo folder of gtasa directory

it worked in cleo3 and it must worked in cleo4(i not tested)



only go to street and see fashion cars and default cars.

in my code use random number for choose in two chance: default cars or fashion cars.


"i must thank of zaz for help to me."


my question and answer topic

user posted image

user posted image

red default cars, green fashion cars


Edited by ajidehak

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I'm wondering what fashen means. I can't find a translation.

Or do you mean fashion?

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excuse me for my mistake, i reform them but title name of topic and mod in gtagarage not changed, i try to reform name mod in gtagarage but i not know possible it for gtaforums or no, thanks for your attention, and too for your help.

but i still not understand [email protected] and [email protected] and (all bigger number of 32)@


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Do these cars race in traffic or no?

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race in traffic already add from other members.

if u have this two mods with him and too with tuner traffic (i modify this two mods and now without any crash in cleo3 its worked)if u have all of this mods u can play great racing in san anderes.

if u want this modified mods from me only request it but i not answer to moderators.

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