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GTA EFLC crashes and glitches with mods

DJ Guttah

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I use EFLC and I installed iCEnhancer 1.25 with someone else's iniconfig (h1tg something I forgot his name). I also installed Fonia's road textures.


And my game just constantly gets this Blake blobs flashing everywhere and the monitor has to black out before it's fixed. After that the sky turns red if I look at it a certain way.


Then when all that fixes, the roads and buildings start disappearing after 5 or 10 minutes. If I try to spawn something from simple native trainer it won't spawn. After that I have to restart the game.


And when I add Police Pursuit mod, my game crashes if I do more than 2 missions. I point the gun at somebody, or if I run get the suspect, the game crashes and says "fatal error smp60"


I can't even f***ing play the game without the roads disappearing or the game crashing. So I'm forced to play with the default ENB and default cars (when I install car packs it messes up too) and the game really sucks without mods.


Is there a way I can make EFLC stable with ENB mods, car packs, and police mods?

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You left out A LOT of REQUIRED information from the Pinned Troubleshooting topic:


Is this the Retail(DVD) version OR a Downloaded version?

If Downloaded, from where?

If Retail, Is this the Original DVD or a Copy of said DVD?

Any "No-DVD" cracks?

What is your Processor?

What is the Processor speed?

What is the RAM?

What is the Video card?

What is the VRAM?

How much of the VRAM is Dedicated?

How much is the TOTAL VRAM?

What OS(Operating System)?

Do you have the latest SP for the OS?-which is SP3 for XP, SP2 for Vista, and SP1 for 7.

If you are using mods, Do a Un-install, delete the rest of the install directory that is not deleted by the un-install, and then do a re-install and play the game WITHOUT Mods or trainers and see if the problem(s) persists...since this section is for un-modded games ONLY, this should of been the first option tried...

Any screenshots OR Videos(preferred) to show the problem(s)?-Fraps is Free and does a great job to cover the screenshots and videos nicely...



Please answer ALL the above questions, especially the first 4, as if you ignore any of them, it will be assumed you have an illegal game version....Thank you for your cooperation...


**In the future, please post the required information when you post a troubleshooting topic, as it will help you get better help with your game...**

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Sorry I'm new I didn't know...


I have a legit copy I the game it came with 2 discs and I'm running the game off of disc one.


I don't know which kind of game it is. How do I know if it is the stea copy???


And here are my specs:


Intel Core i5-2500 @ 4.2ghz

GIGABYTE GTX 580 1.5gb @ 900mhz and mem clock 2315mhz

8GB of ram

Acer 24" monitor widescreen hd

Windows 7 home premium 64-bit


I am playing the game without any car mods, but I am using the iCEnhancer mod. I have fixed the clocking issues I've been having with my graphics card and the black blobs jaw gone away.


The black blobs will probably come back if I add a car pack to the game though, and a police pursuit mod.

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Why is it that if I use car mods, the textures don't load?


And why does it crash with police mods?

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I really hope you moving this thread to another section doesn't prevent this thread from receiving good answers.


Okay so I've found out the problem. The problem is my computer for some reason can't handle vehicle mods. It also can't seem to handle the ELS police lighting system mod, and LCPD FR and police pursuit mod.


Any idea why I can't handle vehicle packs? Are there too many polygons?

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