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Sirius XM parody?

Los Santos Pedestrian

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Los Santos Pedestrian

I know there's radio in almost every vehicle in the GTA series and there's so many to choose from, but that's only FM radio. So what about sattelite radio?There could be a parody of Sirius XM radio. You could purchase it from a website in the game's fake internet, or at a store. The sattelite radio would have no commercials and more stations.


I also made up a name for the parody of Sirius. It would be called Sercastic XL radio, and instead of a dog for the logo, it would be a cat or something. icon14.gif

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I think it's been done, in a sense. I sort of considered radio in GTA IV, at least TBOGT, to be satellite-like.


For starters, they had the Martin Serious show, which is a complete parody of the Howard Stern show (on Sirius).


Also, there was a lot of cursing on many of the stations along with objectionable content -- something not permitted on terrestrial radio due to FCC regulations.

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Thats cool, But it would make a GREAT Dlc(It reveals stuff from the story like the aftermath n stuuf) It could be like 2-3 bucks smile.gif

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