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Do all the GTA's including this and Vice City work with the xbox controller on a Windows 7 PC. It works on IV but not tested on the others can you tell me if it fully functional?


If it works does it use auto aim?

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Hello there and welcome to the forums. smile.gif


If it works like an ordinary gamepad then yes it should work, you may need to remap the controls for it though. Make sure you switch from Mouse to Joypad in the options menu. And yes auto-aim is activated when you use a controller.


The only options that might not work is the D-Pad. Give it a try though.

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Hi, so I'm having trouble with getting my X-box 360 (wired) controller to work with my PC version of San Andreas. I've seen a lot of people have been having this trouble, but i have still not found a definitive way of solving the problem. I cannot find a way to map the buttons on my controller similarly to how it works on consoles. I have tried using the SAAC 1.2, but even that isn't working for me. It will not open for some reason. I have downloaded it, extracted it, rebooted and tried running it as admin, but it just won't open.


Please help! confused.gif



Btw, I am on Windows 7 64-bit.



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This is an Olde Game, many questions can be answered with the FORUM TOOL: SEARCH. Always SEARCH before making a ‘new’ topic.


Read back through and you will find links to other topics of the same/simular issue.

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there is another way if all else fails there is a free program called joy2key which key emulates keys for any game biggrin.gif also you have to manually map the keys and when you get it make a new configuration and go to others *it is right under joysticks* and click both "use other axes then x and y" and "use pov switches" for your d-pad and here is the ink and it is virus free guaranteed!!!!:joy2key program

hope this helps and also it is a very small size for your low on memory computer! *if you have a low memory computer*







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