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random "street_racing_car"and"lowrider"


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i want to create this mod for nfs mod because when u go in street maybe u not see any fashion car,

good , i create it but when i want reset traffic to default gta it not reset

anybody can help me?

this is my code:


{$VERSION 3.1.0027}{$CLEO .cs}//-------------MAIN---------------thread 'CARLOAD':CARLOAD_11wait 077@ = 00734: reset_random_car_generator_models0209: 77@ = random_int_in_ranges 0 5if77@ >= 4jf @CARLOAD_123wait 077@ = 00209: 77@ = random_int_in_ranges 0 11gosub @CARLOAD_134:CARLOAD_78if not Model.Available(77@)jf @CARLOAD_79Model.Load(77@)038B: load_requested_modelswait 0jump @CARLOAD_78:CARLOAD_7909BF: set_random_traffic_spawn_to_model 77@ // Load the vehicle model before using thisModel.Destroy(77@)jump @CARLOAD_11:CARLOAD_123wait 0jump @CARLOAD_11:CARLOAD_134wait 0if77@ == 0jf @CARLOAD_16677@ = 558return:CARLOAD_166wait 0if77@ == 1jf @CARLOAD_19877@ = 559return:CARLOAD_198wait 0if77@ == 2jf @CARLOAD_23077@ = 560return:CARLOAD_230wait 0if77@ == 3jf @CARLOAD_26277@ = 561return:CARLOAD_262wait 0if77@ == 4jf @CARLOAD_29477@ = 562return:CARLOAD_294wait 0if77@ == 5jf @CARLOAD_32677@ = 565return:CARLOAD_326wait 0if77@ == 6jf @CARLOAD_35877@ = 534return:CARLOAD_358wait 0if77@ == 7jf @CARLOAD_39077@ = 535return:CARLOAD_390wait 0if77@ == 8jf @CARLOAD_42277@ = 536return:CARLOAD_422wait 0if77@ == 9jf @CARLOAD_45477@ = 567return:CARLOAD_454wait 0if77@ == 10jf @CARLOAD_48677@ = 575return:CARLOAD_486wait 0if77@ == 11jf @CARLOAD_51877@ = 576return:CARLOAD_518wait 0return 


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It's not possible to use 77@ in a thread of a *.cs file because you can use only local vars from 0@ - 31@

replace every 77@ with 7@

then it works


i have tested it with 423 (ID number of mrwhoop) i replaced all your IDs with 423 to see an effect and it worked

then i tested it with 433 (ID number of barracks) and it crashed

then i tested with 434 (ID number of hotknife) and it worked


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hi zaz your mods very good and u great scripter

ok,i use 77@ and 99@ in other mods without any problem, and in this mod i think crash not related to 77@ ,it for not load default traffic and game crash, but my question this: why default traffic not load, and what opcode of it?

tanks for comment



zaz post a comment and i answer and then rastakilla post a new commet for request my mod then i answer to he and realease my mod. biggrin.giflol.giftounge2.gif

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ok,i use 77@ and 99@ in other mods without any problem

that can not be true unless in mission scripts

sanny gives an error message if you wanna compile your posted script with 77@


it's possible to compile if you change {$CLEO .cs} into {$CLEO .cm}



why default traffic not load

because the traffic is set to specified models

try this to change back to normal random traffic


09BF: set_random_traffic_spawn_to_model -1


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u very fast in answer,tanks for it.

my sanny not eror for it,

i try on your way and back,

again tanks for answer.

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yes, i now realese this mod, because zaz very help to me, and now game without any crash,

i must thank of zaz for help to me,

i add this line:"09BF: set_random_traffic_spawn_to_model -1"

in my code and now it good work,

but i not understand 77@ , 99@ and other bigger 32@ in my sanny not crash

but because u very great scripter, i change all 77@ to 22@ .

tanks zaz


anybody know , when i want to release this topic in mod showroom , how?

if possible learn me if not i create new topic.

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Yeah, just create a new topic and name it


[REL] Custom car traffic mod


Make the topic here or maybe here. Only choose one though. smile.gif


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