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GTA VC Graphics Bug


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I have bug with GTA Vice City, but only in VC:MP. I just install Trails Mod (PS2 graphics effects do PC) and in singleplayer everything is ok but in VC:MP it has bug. It's not everywhere but it very annoying me.


Here is my short movie that shows this bug.



Sorry for my bad english! suicidal.gif


Help me please smile.gif

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Hejka smile.gif.


From what I heard, aiming when trails are on is diffucult. So that's why you shouldn't use it in MP smile.gif.


Any other mods?

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I not play for skill. I play for fun, it's old game. Trails are making awesome atmosphere and I want them in VC.


Other mods:

- ENBSeries (this bug is even I delete ENB)

- Xbox vehicles mod


It's all. I don't like game with many mods.


I think no one will help me, because no one is wise to know how to fix it.

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No one is wise, because no one had such a bug before? tounge.gif


I suggest you should manipulate with the draw distance limit.

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