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I don't see much discussion on perhaps incorporating the best minigames from all the GTAs in bringing something back to GTA in HD more refined. What would you say was the best experience, yet Rockstar chose to revamp and leave out?


Remote control mini-planes and cars, Race tracks, 8-track and circle track racing and indoor dirt-tracks (outdoor as well in LCS for example) Check point Races in Vice... Helicopter checkpoints in VC?


Just some suggestions of things that could possibly be re-visited in the Future GTA. For one, I was not a big fan of the small remote control stuff in VC, but I just found it a challenge, which really isn't a bad thing. One thing I loved was the indoor Circle track where cars would collide and crash to take you out, on one side was a pit stop that you had to strategically time, it was one of the best mini game designs in a GTA game just short of the SA one with guns, that even added more fun to the concept.


In going for a realistic angle, Rockstar opted to resign those types of games, and while many wanted see this continue, in one respect, it allowed EACH GTA in it's era, to offer a specific aspect that made you go back and play it. That may or may not have been the thought out plan or design, but it holds true in the end.


For example;


My favorite was Hot Ring at the time, it's amazingly well done



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Destruction Derby would be awesome, especially with the realistic damage system that IV had.

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