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DYOM Crash when browsing interiors


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a few days ago i had to reinstall my PC due to a virus and cos of that i lost all my mods

before my PC got infected i had 30 cleo scripts running and over 50 skin mods and DYOM barely crashed

i have about 5 skins and 12 cleo scripts running and DYOM crashes when browsing interiors

i am just brwosing then "gta_sa.exe has encountered a problem"

the skins i use are

Claude speed skin

Euan Morgan (made by me) ped as Sweet

Roman Bellic as Big Smoke

British Police Officers


Snoop Dogg ped to replace Madd Dogg

idk how this happens

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Does that happen in a specific interior?

i think so i use the G & H to browse faster i think its interior 50 im not sure i'll check then edit/post the number

EDIT: yes it's interior 50

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You can check to see if it any of the cleo scripts that are making your game crash by removing them and then browse through interiors.

I like mods some are great, but after adding like 6-7 cleo scripts, things begin to go bad for me.


I know you said u had over 30 scripts, but sometimes you can get a bad mod that does not work well with others.


Try browsing interiors without them and report back.


I dont really recommend designing missions with mods on anyway, one day you might create a badass mission without saving and it crashes.. then go into rage mode and throw your computer out your window. tounge.gif *jokes*


If you want to keep the mods, just create a copy of the game that has no mods and 1 with mods.

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Sometimes DYOM needs a GTA SA with CLEO only,without any CLEO script.Try to remove all of your mods,without deleting them,is renaming the "CLEO" Folder to something like "CLE" and if you wanna use the mods again just rename them back,and for example after you remove the mod you put a mission that has a player inside an interior.Number 50 to precise,because you crashed at number 50,right?So after that happens,try putting on those CLEO mods again.If it crashes it might be some of your mods that cause the bugs in the interior.If that works fine then that's just a normal too much CLEO script bug.

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