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XLiveLess questions


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Hi! I used to be able to press a button to access to Games for Windows - LIVE. However, since I installed XLiveLess, I can't. I know it is meant to disable GFWL, but it seems to give me problems when starting GTA IV. Since I first installed GTA IV, it crashes at the copyright screen. To play it, I had to press the "start" button to open GFWL. This way, the game started. However, I now have to wait for the game to start. Open GTA IV lots and lots of time, waiting for luck to arrive and make the game start (crossing my fingers hoping the game won't crash after the copyright screen, or during).


Besides, I want to enter multiplayer, which I can't without GFWL.


If I uninstall XLiveLess, will I lose all my save games? Or will I have any problems when loading them?

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Without Xliveless, you might not be able to load saves that were created using it. Not entirely sure though. You can try copying the savefiles to their original location, then remove the xlive.dll file from the GTA IV folder, run the game and see if you can load those saves.

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