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taxi glitch


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I was doing taxi missions when i took a passenger from portland docks to noodle punk. After that when i ignored the first person who wanted to enter the cab and then again the same one comes and asks me to drive back to portland docks

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Shayan Shaffey

The way I'm understanding this, it's not a glitch, it's just those NPC's that are assigned to enter your cab, nothing abnormal here.

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Correct. If you have trouble finding quick fares (such as in Trenton), you can knock riders off bikes...who stand pretty good odds of flagging you down for a lift wink.gif


You may also get a destination request that is the same as the one you just left after dropping off.

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Shane X. Walsh

Its not even a glitch. This is just another NPC or peds wanted to visit/go into the same place.

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