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Fallout: Nev Vegas Review


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Fallout New Vegas


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General Information:



Xbox 360, PS3, PC



RPG with open world mechanics and FPS elements.



Obsidian Entertainment



Bethesda Softworks





Release Date:

October 19, 2010 (US)

October 21, 2010 (OC)

October 22, 2010 (EU)

November 4, 2010 (Asia)




ESRB Rating:



Learning Curve:

Fallout: New Vegas offers a great introduction to the Fallout universe, plus an optional tutorial quest for the new Fallout fans. Players are given the power to design and develop their character from scratch, although there is no option to import your character from previous fallout games. Newcomers may struggle at the start, the VATS and the PipBoy may be a little complicated, but once you understand the menus, the game is pretty enjoyable to play. The game offers the new Hardcore Mode, which is a great challenge for the veteran Fallout players, but it's not recommended for newcomers. The game mechanics are something for everyone's taste. You can play it as a FPS but you can also play it as a third-person shooter. FNV gives players unlimited choices, so there should be something for everyone.



Offline: 1







The Rundown:



Spoiler alert.

The game is set in the retro-futuristic themed New Vegas, taking place in 2281, four years after the events of Fallout 3. As a result of a nuclear war, also called The Great War, the whole globe became influenced by atomic fire which changed life corms, landscapes and the global climate. The survivors were hidden in so-called Vaults, which were underground bunkers. 20 years after the Great War, the first Vault opened up. The survivors have started and joined various factions, and fought for the leadership across the deserted world.

In Fallout New Vegas, we are taking role of The Courier, who was meant to deliver a mysterious package to New Vegas. However, The Courier was shot in the head by some unknown mobsters and left for death. Luckily, The Courier was found by a robot named Victor and brought to a nearby doctor. The Doctor checks the Courier's health and then, the protagonist takes his journey across the post-apocalyptic desert to find answers about the one who wanted him dead.



FNV offers a huge and detailed environment with decent character models. The overall graphics weren't as bad, if there were less bugs. The game is really extremely bugged, even if many bugs have already been fixed. But the overall graphics are very good for a RPG.




The radio station music is simply excellent and really gives the retro feeling to the overall playstyle. But you can turn the radio off and listen to the incredible sound effect. The voice actors are good, the main characters have very good voices, although the civilians you can't interact with have repetitive dialog. There are hundreds of guns, each with unique sound effects plus many other little things that make the sound brilliant.





The gameplay is something for everyone. Newcomers can turn the difficulty down, while veteran players can turn the new Hardcore Mode on if they're up for a challenge. You can play New Vegas the way you want: FPS or Action Game? Rush trough the story or complete every single side quest? Explore or follow the line? Good or bad karma? Who do you help, who do you hate? These are just a few questions you have to ask yourself when you're playing the game. You can do whatever you want, that's what makes the game simply outstanding and players surely will take more than just one playtrough. The shooting mechanics are very good, the game can play like a classical shooter. The VATS system can save your ass when you're about to die. The fighting mechanics work very well too. The gameplay can be challenging but isn't frustrating.




Fallout New Vegas gives us the power to make the story our own story. There are multiple story paths and each of them is very interesting. The setting and storytelling is excellent, you want to know every single detail about the villages and locations by talking to the people. There are hundreds of possible endings, depending on the player's choices.




Fallout New Vegas is my first Fallout game. And I'm glad I showed attention to the series. With it's repetitiveness, I will play trough the game more than once. The game offers tons of concent and variety, which is really worth the price, even if the game has a few struggles. The atmosphere is simply incredible, a must for post-apocalyptic fans.




Overall Rating:


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I think I could argue with some sentences in introduction. The year in the FO: NV is 2281 and Vaults were never intended to rescue people from nuclear holocaust (except few of them).


Except that it's very good review.

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Yeah, a little bit off in the intro about some of the lore, but otherwise a good review. There were a significant number of survivors who just managed to survive in the outside world in the less populated areas, probably because science tends to work a bit differently in the Fallout world. For example, what went on to become the Brotherhood started just a month or two after the bombs dropped. There weren't nearly enough people in all the vaults (ignoring their primary purpose and how many actually re-opened) to populate the wasteland as much as it is, even 200 years later.


If you're looking for a bit of the backstory (I know I did after playing FO for the first time) check out the timeline on the wiki, it's pretty extensive.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm new to the Fallout universe, so I got a few things wrong. But thanks for the links, I'll read trough the backstory icon14.gif

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I tried New Vegas but I thought it had poor graphics and still felt like an awkward handling Oblivion. It's basically like playing a heavily modded version of Fallout 3, so it didn't really grab my interest. Maybe the hardcore fans of Fallout saw something deeper in it, but oh well.

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I tried New Vegas but I thought it had poor graphics and still felt like an awkward handling Oblivion. It's basically like playing a heavily modded version of Fallout 3, so it didn't really grab my interest.

It's not like a heavily modded Fallout 3. It uses exactly the same game engine but there are no mods out there that even come close to being as extensive as New Vegas, not even the use of many mods; New Vegas is basically a very large independent expansion pack but full priced due to the amount of hours of gameplay available.


Good review mati. It's nice to see it coming from some one who has only recently found the series and not a hardcore fan though I think you gave the graphics too high of a score. I'd also like to point out that the use of firearms in New Vegas is entirely optional since I've played through with nothing but Melee Weapons. In fact, you can get through the game without killing a single thing due to excellent design, though especially if you focus on Speech and Sneak.


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You really have to play Fallout 3, then move onto this to really apriciate it fully, but at the same time it lacks in size, content, and unique moments. It seems made mostly for the people who want to finish the game and have every single thing seen, but dont have the time to do that.


For example, I have done every single thing in the game, all DLC's to current, found every single unique weapon, discovered and looted every location, aquired every single skillbook, done every quest. It all done apart from one thing which I refuse to do because of centaurs. All done in about 250hrs on my main save. This took only 2 months to do.


I have over 500hrs on my save in Fallout 3, and still there are still some locations and train tunnels I dont think I have been and still manage to find something I havent seen before. Taking just under a year to achieve.


The main draw for NV for me is the highly improved weapon handling and mechanics, first person iron sighting is awesome and third person shooting actually works. And there is a MASSIVE ammount of weapons, now are modeled after realistic guns.


Though other than that it doesnt really do better than fallout 3.


But its more of the same, and is the most fresh so that is why I love it, but Fallout 3 made much more of an impact and was less restrictive and glitchy.


But for a game as huge even as NV you have to allow the odd glitches and graphical errors, all the sh*t it keeps saved is more important than smoothing out the graphics, plus it is all the same as oblivion which was 2006, that is a GREAT game and engine for that time.



My main problem now is I just wish enemies werent bunched up and sectioned off to areas, enemies dont roam around and always stay in their areas, nothing random happens. So once everything is done with, I have no current enemies in the game other than fiends and viper gang types, and they get boring and are only in the same few areas.


Having some randomness to the game would do it alot of good.


Old World Blues solved that quite abit.

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